Racks Around Town

We're trying to catalog all the working bike racks in and around Kinston. If you know of one not listed on this page, please drop us a note. 

Woodmen Community Center

There are 6 stars anchored in the concrete at the entrance to the Woodmen Community Center. These are bike racks! Very nicely implemented by Rose Clark. Be sure to try them if you ride to the Community Center. (Photos coming soon.)


Fairfield Park Center

A new set of bike racks showed up in front of Fairfield this week. A pair of racks on either side of the entry way are the work of Rose Clark, metal artist. These will make a great addition to the parking area. 



City Hall

City HallThis simple rack is located by the main entrance to the public business area, adjacent to the parking area. Thanks to Mayor BJ Murphy and everyone involved. 

Fire Station Museum

This old rack is located behind the Fire Station Museum adjacent to the county court house. (This hasn't been confirmed since contruction on the jail started.)

Piggly Wiggly

This rack is located in front of the Piggly Wiggly grocery store on N. McLewan St.

Riverside Bicycles & Outdoor Sports

This rack is located just outside the front door of Kinston's biggest independent bike shop. Kind of a natural, but defintely worth recognizing. The store is located near the corner of Gordon and Mitchell Streets by Pearson Park.